TI is an unique, fun, and goofy heaven for coders. A place where serious work is done everyday with the freedom of being yourself. We are a bunch of incredibly smart people working towards the common goal of tackling enterprise problems and making a difference to millions of people.


Innovation, Value, Trust.

Innovation with creative and critical thinking, that not only provides value to our clients but builds a trust-based relationship with them, is what we at Trilogy Innovations believe in.

Each product that we build is like a startup in its own right. A bunch of incredibly passionate people, we believe in taking complete ownership of the product and deliver it responsibly. From designing the product to selling it, we take complete responsibility to contribute to every aspect of the development. We are never stuck doing the same things again and again, we continuously experiment with different creative ideas that help us gain a great amount of perspective.

Taking the off-beat path is what we love doing. With our creative thinking and our eye for detail, we drill down the problem to its roots till we come up with an elegant solution. Our analytical expertise and creative minds make finding different solutions for big enterprise problems an everyday job for us.

In order to build path-breaking solutions, we always have to be fast and stay ahead of the deadlines. While not hurrying into anything, we lookout for new experiences, products, and processes, and finds ways to improve them. Innovation cannot happen without committing to the cause with focus and dedication.

To challenge the normal and think out of the box, we at Trilogy Innovations are encouraged to let our minds run free. Our constant push to discover new ways of learning gives us ample opportunities to build things we believe in. The urge to know is not merely a distraction, it consumes us and never goes away.

It is much more than the liberty to choose what to wear. It includes the space to experiment, innovate and make mistakes. When your hand is on a lever that powers an entire product, you always strive to put your best foot forward.

Curiosity is the spark behind any innovation. We at Trilogy Innovations never tire of asking questions and learning new things. Our curious minds keep digging deep till we understand the concept which inspires us to explore uncharted avenues in our attempt to discover a better way of delivering value to the world.

A TIer

A sneak peek into the daily life at Trilogy Innovations.


 I am not a morning person, I rarely rise before 11. The flextime culture at Trilogy Innovations Labs gives me the privilege to start my day when I wish to. My day starts with sitting in front of my system while sipping on my regular cup of coffee. There are a couple of days where I am joined by our leaders and my peers along with my morning brew. We call it “coffee morning” session, where we talk about anything we wish to ranging from Tech to travel and photography.




It gives me the same sense of satisfaction as earlier while building stuff and solving puzzles. I feel pleased that I have the liberty to work out of anywhere I please.
Taking a break from work and catching up with my friends over a quick chess match or guessing what goodie could we receive at our doorstep this festive season is one of my most favourite times of the day.




After a break, we come back to have a meeting where we discuss our accomplishments and what is left. The freedom to choose between the deadline and the amount of work that needs to be completed is a gift not everyone has and we feel fortunate to have one for every task.
It is quite interesting to work here, a mix of Intensive research to come up with solutions for difficult problems and innovative tech development to translate the solutions to code. Every day is a set of new questions that I try to find solutions for.




At times I get on a one on one with one of the leaders for any guidance regarding my performance. The best part is, our leaders are always there to give the best advice and introduce us to endless opportunities.
Whenever I feel jaded, I take a quick break to have a cup of coffee and check out my pictionary skills.
I make sure to take time out from my everyday life to learn something new, like reading code written by the top programmers in the world or to understand the algorithms behind a successful app.



The most FUN part is where I spontaneously get on a call with my team to discuss a crazy idea that just crossed my mind and get to know their views on it. I really appreciate the freedom we get here to go wild with our ideas and not be hesitant about putting them across to the team.




There are times when I run out of solutions and I often turn to the ’All Minds Meeting’ to help me out. The meeting is quite fruitful, where we all discuss projects one on one and come up with the best solution. What better way than collective brainstorming!
The liberal culture here makes working free and easy. Pairing that with the diversity amongst my fellow colleagues, makes me feel that college never really left me. The only difference would be the fact that I am not constantly broke and get rewarded quite handsomely for my efforts.


We carry the ownership of whatever we work on, compelling ourselves to be smarter and more innovative. Workflows efficiently and effortlessly with no micro monitoring. The whole process gives the team a tremendous amount of creative freedom.


What makes Trilogy Innovations an amazing place to work is the amount of ownership one gets over the projects. Right from deciding the technologies to be used up until pitching to the customers - you get to see the entire lifecycle of the product and make most, if not all of the key decisions. And the best part - it happens from Day 1. Furthermore, the almost flat hierarchy makes the work feel less like work and more fun, where you join forces with your peers to solve a challenging problem.

Aman Chandra
TU batch 2020


TI is unlike a typical software company. We work on projects which usually last one or two quarters and then move on to other exciting projects. This allows you to explore different domains in software, learn multiple technologies and work on innovative ideas across projects in a short time. In each project, you take full ownership of work and have the chance to interact directly with customers to align with their requirements. The exposure to such experiences is unique to TI and they mould your skills in a way that makes you competent to approach and solve almost any technology problem out there.

Aayush Sanghavi
TU batch 2019


TI has a broad spectrum of projects in multiple focus areas. There are projects that start from scratch where you decide the product direction and on the other hand, we have few platforms now which require deep engineering to achieve its vision. Each project lasts about a quarter and one can really experiment in multiple areas and learn. I myself got exposed to application development in various technologies, DevOps, and a bit of product management.
You are surrounded by a smart peer group and experienced VPs who help you reflect ideas and avoid rookie mistakes.

Mayank Dave
TU batch 2017


Every quarter in TI is like a mini-startup for me. Where I get to directly interact with my customers, understand their needs and build something awesome to serve them. Where my mistakes don't lead to downfall, but rather turn into learning. Where I own my product and make my own decisions with guidance from technological experts. In simple words, If you're aiming for your own startup in the future, this will be a kickstart for you with lots of learnings and awesome pay!

Viswak Hanumanth
TU batch 2020


TI provides me a playground to take calculated risks, which is of the utmost importance for designing innovative solutions. I am allowed to make the most technically sound decisions, uncorrupted by any financial constraint. This is how TI enables you to build the best product that you can think of, which consequently provides value to the customer.

Ashish Bedi
TU batch 2017


Coming out of college with menial development experience, the Trilogy University Bootcamp set me up with learnings that would benefit me for years to come. It taught me to view problems from different angles, leading to innovative solutions. The best part about TI is, you are not told what to do. Instead, you decide the roadmap of your project, take control of the wheel, and drive it till the end.

Abizer Lokhandwala
TU batch 2019


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“ We create the perfect blend of innovation and state-of-the-art technologies. ”

Anuja Sivaram, Trilogy Innovations

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