By now you would have understood that we are no run-of-the-mill company and we mean serious business. If you still have some questions, take a look at the FAQs to know us better.

Who is Trilogy Innovations?

Trilogy Innovations is the R&D arm of Trilogy group companies.

Trilogy is one of the largest privately held enterprise software companies. Post 2008, Trilogy has been acquiring Enterprise Software firms, turning them around and aligning them to deliver phenomenal value for enterprise customers.

What are the different products of Trilogy that Trilogy Innovations(TI) works on?

Trilogy has 160+ Enterprise software companies in the portfolio. Jive, Gensym, Sococo, CodeFix. Trilogy Innovations solves hard technical problems that these companies face and innovates on the entire portfolio of products.

What is the role of the Software Development Engineer (SDE) like?

The role requires you to do multiple hats – strategic + technology + delivery – at the same time. You will:
1. Understand the core business problems that our customers face
2. Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems
3. Create and make a reality of these solutions, so that they generate immense value to our customers and help them focus on growing their business.

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How Do I Prepare for Trilogy Innovations Process?

What is the compensation for a campus hire?

Rs 30 Lakhs/year + 1 Lakh joining bonus + 1 Lakh TU graduation bonus + 2 Lakh Benefits + upto 2.5 lakh annual targetted bonus

How important is my CGPA?

We do not have any CGPA cut-off for our hiring process. What interest us more are the initiatives you have taken, the projects that you have worked on and the real world problem solving skills you possess.

What is Trilogy University?

Trilogy University (TU) is a one-of-its-kind training boot camp meant to transform our student recruits into tech professionals. This 90-day program was held in Dubai for the years 2014 -2019, It has been successfully running remote since 2020

Is TU a paid training?

Absolutely. The recruited students will be paid full salaries during the entire duration of the training.

What happens after TU?

After TU, all the projects are assessed and if there are product ideas that pass all the tests – the team gets to further work on the idea. Others pass TU and work on the existing products of Trilogy Innovations.

After TU, what will be the job location?


Will the recruited students need to sign a contract?

Students will be hired as full-time employees of Trilogy Innovations. There will be no contract or bond.

What will be my growth path at Trilogy Innovations?

On the technical side, you will start as an SDE( Internally known as Innovation Catalyst), then grow into an Innovator and further reach the Senior Innovator position. Of course, all these positions will pay the best Industry compensations. Once you develop a strong technical base, there would be options to move into the business/management side of things as well.

How will my performance be managed and my career developed at TI?

TI believes in growing its leadership from within. 95% of our talent is sourced directly from campus and we strive to eventually make this 100% as people from our early batches grow up to take technical leadership positions.

What is the appraisal cycle like at TI?

Appraisals happen annually with a mid-year assessment of performance every six months.


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“ We create the perfect blend of innovation and state-of-the-art technologies. ”

Anuja Sivaram, Trilogy Innovations

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