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At Trilogy Innovations, only the sharpest minds make the cut. Join the game changers and make your mark with the best.


We wish to build an All-star team with individuals who turn ideas into reality with an entrepreneurial bent of mind and an inherent passion for problem solving.


We are on the look-out for brilliant people who grab opportunities and passionately solve hard problems out of pure zeal. We want minds that can translate coding expertise into a practical problem solving space and join the ranks of patent filers at an early stage of one's career.


Are you the one to write a well-structured code in your head when you see a problem? Is ambition and thinking out of the box in your DNA? With the given resource, can you mine gold?


Do you listen before reacting ? Do you believe in the power of honest feedback ? If you can effectively verbalize the thoughts in your head and listen and understand others, then you might be the right word in our dialogue.


Can you spot the silver lining in any situation ? Did you strike out ‘give up’ from your vocabulary? Are you tougher than algorithmic problems? Are you a natural leader ?You might just be right for us.


Is there a passion project you are proud to be a part of ? Have you solved real world problems as a student ? Have you acquired the necessary skills that make a difference?


Our multi-level selection process after the initial online test helps us to find the best talent out there. We follow a very thorough and structured approach in our assessment to select the most elite coders based on their strengths and abilities.


Coding Challenge

This test would be for 90-120 minutes over the Interviewbit platform. This test will have programming questions and have to be coded online in the browser. There are no objective questions. The languages that can be used are Java, C/C++ , Python and Ruby.


Online Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

This test would be for 15 minutes over the Crossover Platform. This test consists of 50 questions around Mathematics , Verbal reasoning , Spatial reasoning and Logical reasoning . The candidate has to score 45+ to be eligible for the technical interviews.


Data Structures and Algorithm

The first interview is designed to assess your coding prowess and problem solving skills. This interview revolves around Data Structures and Algorithms. You are presented with some complex situations that need to be coded. This interview has slightly more abstract problems with a slight level of indirection thrown in.


Problem Solving

The second interview checks your ability to concretize a fuzzy problem statement into a solution. You will be given a vaguely specified problem statement based on real world scenarios and asked to build a solution for it. For example, if you had your own startup and had to build a solution like Google maps, how would you go about it? How would you build an auto-suggest tool on an e-commerce website? We expect you to understand the complications involved. It is expected of you to look at the problem in a more holistic manner and understand the intricacies in all aspects.


Org Fit interview -not applicable for SDE intern role

After you clear all the technical rounds, you go through the final interview which checks how fit you are for the organization. You will be assessed on your alignment with the culture of Trilogy Innovation Labs.


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